Why use a Measured Building Survey?

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is an accurate representation of a building, displaying all the structural elements and architectural features. A floor plan survey is an essential piece of information that provides accurate representation of a building, which can be backed up with elevations and cross-sections. During a measured building survey, the surveying equipment will record all the structural elements, such as walls, columns, beams, and more.

Measured building surveys are conducted for verification and recording purposes. The surveys are also crucial in calculating the area and identifying the gaps between the original plan and the actual construction, and also to measure floor plans, elevations, sections, and more. Liverpool professional surveyors employ the leading 3D laser scanning technology, and the latest equipment, collecting accurate data with precision of up to 1 million points per second.

What is the process of a measured building survey?

Access and RAMS: At Liverpool Measured Survey, our professional surveyors take gaining access to all areas of the building as important as the survey itself as this can impact program. With occupied buildings, the clients will be provided with a program for how long each floor takes to measure, so access can be arranged accordingly. A Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) would also be provided prior to any on-site surveys.

Survey Control Framework & Grid/Datum Setup: All our measured building surveys are based upon an accurate survey control framework. To relate the survey to Ordnance Survey grid and datum, our surveyors use 2 high accuracy GPS receivers on-site simultaneously for a 2-hour period.

Laser scanning: Our measured building surveys use laser scanning for all areas of the building to ensure complete coverage. A surveyor with a laser scanner mounted on a camera tripod will carry out multiple setup positions across each floor.

Office processing & Client Deliverable Production: Using specialist software, the laser scan data is processed, and the resultant point cloud is exported in manageable floor by floor chunks. The point cloud is then interrogated in either CAD or a BIM authoring software to produce the 2D or 3D deliverables as required.

Client Issue: All our 2D and 3D deliverables are issued to the client via the email or weblink download, depending on file sizes. All drawing issues are accompanied with a drawing register indicating the drawings issued, versioning, date of issue and companies issued.

Why is a measured building survey & 3D Laser scanning beneficial?

Accurate and cost-effective

A measured building survey is beneficial as accuracy is maintained throughout the survey process as it uses robust surveying techniques, and working to RICS standards. The 3D laser scanning which is largely used to capture site data results in a complete replica of the building or structure being surveyed in the form of point cloud data. Whether we are producing 3D models or 2D CAD drawings, point cloud data enables the production of survey deliverables efficiently and cost effectively, with pinpoint accuracy.

Swift and Efficient Project Completion

The faster a project is completed, the happier the clients will feel. Liverpool Measured Survey uses 3D laser scanning for the measured building surveys, delivering accurate files and project depictions with no errors to designers and architects. Exceptionally accurate data means you can hit the ground running with no mistakes and errors to fix later on, enabling quicker project completion.

Boosts Client’s Confidence

Our measured building survey will carefully and effectively scan every corner and edge of your premise, providing efficient point cloud files that you can manage in your own design suites and software.

Clients need an assurance that their planned project can proceed. Accurate measured building surveys will enable scanning of the entire area, and accurately plan for complex fixtures and fittings. In this manner, clients can be shown what their projects will look like before commencing work, thus boosting their confidence.

How Liverpool Measured Survey will help you

Liverpool Measured Survey produces detailed and accurate as-built floor plans, cross-sections, and elevations from measured building surveys. These can find efficient use in new construction, maintenance, renovation and remodelling as well as planning works.

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