Drone Surveying Service: Why it is Worth it

Drone Surveying Service: Why it is Worth it

Drones are not new technology. In fact, UAV technology has been used for military operations for many years and it has evolved into industrial applications over time.

In construction and engineering, drones are particularly becoming more useful, especially when it comes to conducting surveys of buildings, pieces of land and other sites.

That is why Liverpool’s drone survey service is now very in-demand in the industry. But what exactly is a drone survey and why is it worth a try if you’re in construction or engineering?

What is a drone survey?

If you’ve heard about 3D laser scanning technology in Liverpool, drone survey takes things to a whole new level with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that goes over a structure or piece of land and captures aerial data to be used for different purposes.

Depending on the drone and its sensors, you can get information such as the basic measurements of a building or go as detailed as measuring it from every angle possible.

This advanced technology generates some of the most accurate data that you can find in surveying and using photogrammetry software, this information can be rendered into as-built 2D drawings that offer a real-life representation of a site without the need to use extensive resources and manpower to get things done. Drone surveying I very present, and will continue growing in the future for architecture, design, construction and more!

3D laser scanning using drones has proven to be much more efficient because these vehicles can fly at a lower or higher altitude to capture high-resolution images and accurate data at a fraction of the cost and time it takes for it to be done using traditional surveying methods.

Why does it make sense to use drone surveying service?

A lot of construction projects, restorations, renovations and even demolitions are now taking advantage of drone surveying, and for good reason:

  • It gives you unparalleled access to accurate data. Gathering data using traditional survey doesn’t guarantee as much as accuracy as when you’re using Liverpool 3D laser scanning services. A single drone flight can already produce thousands of measurements at individual points and you have the choice to render this data in different formats—from point cloud to orthomosaic.

You don’t need to access site often, but you’re still getting very exhaustive data that you can use for projects.

  • It cuts down your field time. In India, a drone survey will be used to take measurements of the Supertech Emerald Court twin towers that’s been ordered for demolition by the Supreme Court. Instead of using traditional surveying methods to gather data about this structure, engineers have decided to use a Liverpool drone survey service that cuts down the time it takes to complete the survey.
  • According to research, a drone can capture data that could be converted to topographical drawings as much as five times faster than when you’re using land-based surveying methods. That means that you get to create as-built 2D drawings faster and move on to your project without using too much manpower.
  • It reduces your construction costs. Whether you’re building, renovating or demolishing, you know that construction can be very expensive. But when you use a Liverpool drone survey service, you can reduce your construction costs significantly since you spend less time on site.

Plus, you don’t need to invest in surveying tools and you don’t have to put your team at risk by constantly visiting your construction site. Data can be gathered within just a day as compared to doing it traditionally where you’ll need to spend on materials, labor and tools.

Drones have definitely proven their worth in construction and engineering. From land surveying to urban planning, you’ll see a lot of companies now using this UAV technology to ensure quality results without having to sacrifice safety or be buried by costs.

Even simple roof inspections are now conducted using drones because of their ability to gather exhaustive information in the most convenient way possible.

So, if you’re in construction, you could definitely consider using Liverpool 3D laser scanning services that uses a drone as one of its tools. This way, you’re not only speeding things up in terms of construction but also making sure that you’re getting the most accurate representation of a site. Ensure you contact us today and you will receive a personalized and no-obligation quote.


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    Author: Sonia