The Key Benefits of a Topographical Survey

What is a Topographical Survey?

A topographical survey is the process of mapping out the boundaries of a given site, determining the available natural and manmade features. The survey gathers complete spatial information relating to a site, and provides an accurate picture of property, piece of land as well its boundaries. Our topographic maps can help architects, engineers, building contractors, and homeowners to accurately visualise their site to inform their planned development.

Liverpool Measured Survey is a specialist and experienced surveyor, using the latest survey equipment to provide precise data that would help reduce delays and risks of costly adjustments down the line. Receive detailed survey results as either scaled 2D AutoCAD drawings, point cloud data, or 3D Revit Models, with your required details, from a comprehensive topographical survey. Benefit from the latest 3D laser scanning technology, including GPS, 3D laser scanning, total stations and drone equipment alongside advanced software.

When will you need a Topographical Survey?

If you are looking to design a new building, plan for drainage works, or reposition your boundaries, then you need to perform a topographical survey on the site of interest as the first step to avoid pitfalls and complications going forward. This will enable developers and the people involved to understand the site’s condition as well as the land’s topography in its entirety before commencing design and construction works.

Why is it Beneficial for your Site Project?

  • Prevent costly mistakes caused by unforeseen problems, usually encountered at the later stages of a construction work, through our efficient and cost-effective topographical surveys.
  • A professional topographical survey provides accurate as-built 2D drawings depicting the exact site. These drawings are a clear indication that the site is built in compliance with the proposed plans.
  • The deliverables from this survey convey a detailed and accurate picture of the building or site. The as-built 2D plans showcase all the site features, natural and manmade, with levels to help clearly understand a site.
  • For a purchased plot of land, a topographical survey can reveal any information that could be hidden from plain sight, such as the changes that normally occur on an area over time.

What is the Process of a Topographic Survey?

  1. We leverage on advanced and efficient laser scanning technology, with tools such as total stations, GPS, 3D laser scanners, and drone technology.
  2. On arriving at the intended site, our surveyors will determine the requirements and specifications of the site, including the level of detail needed, geographical area to be included, data output as well as accuracy.
  3. We will conduct an intensive survey, gathering data of all features and boundary, process it and take quality control. The point cloud data is thus registered for the production of accurate deliverables, i.e., 2D drawings or 3D models. Proceed with your site project using accurate information from our measured surveys.

Why Choose Liverpool Measured Survey?

We provide flexible measured surveys all across Liverpool and U.K. our survey services are swift, efficient, and exhaustive to deliver pinpoint accuracy. We have a trustworthy laser scanning technology and an array of survey equipment that guarantee unmatchable point cloud data. We are trusted by hundreds by clients!

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