Reliable 3D Point Cloud Data Service

3D Point Cloud

We capture scans with a 3D Laser Scanner to process point cloud and register the data to create a single point cloud file. This valuable product will allow you to produce as-built 2D Drawings and 3D Model.

Why Our Services?

Ultimate Precision

Our laser scanning technology will create valuable 3D Point cloud, as it captures millions of points containing information on its position – X, Y, Z.

Friendly Service

Our service is nothing less than exceptional. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will deliver accurate results with no hassle.

Successful Outcome

Our 3D Point cloud is the perfect base to create 2D drawings and plans, as well as 3D Models efficiently and swiftly.

Powerful Planning

3D Point Cloud is the critical tool for the planning and space management of your space and building, along with the deliverables available.

Liverpool’s Exceptional 3D Point Cloud Service

Rely on our 3D Laser scanning company to obtain the most reliable 3D Point cloud data when completing your building project. Our services offer higher accuracy than traditional methods, and with the point cloud, we guarantee flawless results every time.

Unlimited Options in 3D Laser Scanning

Liverpool Measured Survey delivers your point cloud data in any format required (FLS, E57, LAS, PTS, PTX, RCP, RCS, etc.). Receive accurate point cloud to produce 2D Drawings, 3D Models and animations, through AutoCAD and Revit software.


Receive Accurate Point Cloud today

Complete your measured survey and obtain accurate point cloud data today. Our team of experts deliver a hassle-free and high-quality service for any architectural and construction project in Liverpool