Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning Service

A simple 3D Laser Scanning Solution for your space!

Liverpool measured survey is here to provide high-quality 3D Point Cloud data, as-built 2D Drawings and 3D Models with an equally reliable, but faster and affordable solution over a measured building survey. Our portable laser scanner is perfect to create actionable information for your project.

Why Liverpool Measured Survey for Large Scale scans?

Save Money

Our large-scale laser scanning service is perfect for everyone looking to achieve a swift scanning job while receiving quality results through affordable means. We only use high-standard laser scanning equipment to complete your services.

Successful Data

Our surveyors and technicians guarantee exceptional data throughout, allowing a hassle-free process when receiving your as-built drawings and 3D BIM Models. Accuracy and precision are what we strive for!

Punctual & Efficient

Our professional team are passionate and motivated when completing projects, we assure immediate responses and clarify everything to keep you secure and confident with our service.

Reliable Deliverables

With our portable laser scanner, we capture all physical features to scan, process secure 3D Point cloud and import to AutoCAD and Revit software for your trustworthy 2D drawings and 3D BIM Models, ready to use.

Scanning Large Scale interiors with Portable 3D Laser Scanners

Complete your site scan and building project by using Liverpool Measured Survey. Not only we scan the specified area thoroughly and accurately, but we also provide exceptional service to continue the success of your project by producing high-quality floor plans, cross-sections and 3D BIM Models.

How does it work?

Our experienced team will arrive on-site with our ZEB Horizon 3D Laser Scanner, we scan the area with a stable hand, capturing all features even if positioned further apart. Our portable laser scanning service completely trustworthy, as we use superb technology which is lightweight and has a compact design.


Want effortless data capture as soon as possible?

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