Drone Survey Services

Excellent Drone Survey Service

Our leading 3D Laser scanning company in Liverpool deliver drone roof surveys and UAV surveys for your land or building project. With the use of advanced photogrammetry software, we transform aerial images into 3D Surveys to generate your as-built 2D drawings and realistic 3D Models.

Why Our Services?

Easy Access

Our drone survey services are fit to capture any information or data of restricted and limited areas involved in your construction or architectural project.

High Accuracy

We combine 3D aerial mapping with the use of GCP and other survey instruments such as terrestrial laser scanners, Total Station and GPS, producing highly accurate data.


Our drone roof survey cost is affordable and will save you time and money in the long run. With a one-off drone survey service, receive immaculate results of a complete site scan.

Flexible Formats

Our UAV drone survey service is delivered to you in the required format and level of detail to fit the needs and requirements of your project.

Undeniable Results using Drone & Land Surveying

Liverpool Measured survey present vast and turnkey solutions for whatever project is required to work on. The beauty of 3D Laser scanning technology is no matter the scale, size or complexity of your project; you will receive reliable and highly accurate as-built 2D Drawings and 3D Models in Liverpool.

Unlimited Uses with One Service

Drone Surveys are incredibly beneficial and convenient for many uses. Our drone survey service in the UK can be used for 3D aerial mapping to create a geo-referenced 3D Point cloud, aerial photography, aerial filming and roof inspection. Receive photo and video documentation for your required use and job.


Providing Quality Drone Surveys in Liverpool

Enquire about our aerial mapping drone and let our drone surveyors assist you in your laser scanning needs. Contact us now for a leading drone survey service available in Liverpool.