As-built 2D Drawings

As-built 2D Drawings in Liverpool

Our measured building surveying team produces highly detailed as-built 2D Drawings using AutoCAD software. Our technicians will deliver your scaled plans with the required level of detail for the planning and management of your building project.

Why Our Services?

Complete Accuracy

Our as-built 2D drawing service is of complete accuracy and only delivers meticulous results to complete your building project.

Accurate Representation

Obtain floor plans, roof plans, elevations and sections containing an accurate representation of all the building features.

Efficient Process

Our measured survey is carried out on all stages of the building’s lifecycle, providing you with extreme efficiency in whatever point and phase.

Competitive Rates

Our laser scanning services offer turnkey, cost-saving solutions as we are Liverpool’s leading 3D Laser scanning company.

Accurate As-built 2D AutoCAD Drawings

Liverpool Measured Survey is flexible and professional in what they do. Our years of skill and expertise will provide you with high-quality results when completing floor plans, roof plans, site plans, cross-sections, Internal and External Elevations.

What makes us stand out in Liverpool

We provide quick, efficient and reliable 3D Laser Scanning and measured building survey services. Our experienced professionals have all the equipment and tools to create hyper-accurate as-built 2D Drawings, in the required level of format and detail as requested.


Successful As-built 2D Drawings

Enquire about our measured survey service and allow the opportunity to acquire highly accurate and successful as-built 2D AutoCAD plans for your site or building project. Contact us now for a fantastic worry-free service.