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Measured Building Survey and 3D Laser Scanning Prices in Liverpool

Our prices for Liverpool 3D Laser Scanning and Measured Building surveys are competitive and af-fordable. Let our experienced team ensure you a reliable and high-standard solution for your archi-tectural and construction project today.

Our prices will always be accurate and exact to reflect the requirements of your deliverables and products. The level of detail of Point Cloud, as-built 2D Drawings and 3D Models will affect the cost of your project, depending on the size and scale of your building.

We deliver point cloud in Greyscale or RGB Colour, depending on your specification. This feature will determine the cost of your 3D Laser scanning service as Greyscale is quicker to conduct, but RGB Colour is more accurate when importing point cloud.

Our Liverpool 3D Laser scanning company provides different packages for your building and site. Our measured survey service with Point Cloud, as-built 2D Drawings and the addition of 3D BIM Models if requested. As we use well-known 3d leaser scanning equipment and reliable software to finalise the results, you’ll have peace of mind that the outcome will always be flawless.

Your first 3D Laser Scanning Option in Liverpool

  • Our unmatchable complexity of 3D information of the measured objects guarantees higher accuracy than traditional survey methods in all cases.
  • Our 3D Laser scanning equipment is non-invasive, has a light instrument setup and contains the ability to do surveys in zero-light conditions, ensuring we capture information no matter the limitations.
  • We guarantee the most accurate and detailed 3D Point Cloud data, as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings and 3D Revit Models in Liverpool.
3D Laser Scanning to fit your needs

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