The Integral Application of AI in Construction

The Integral Application of AI in Construction & Architecture

Artificial Intelligence sounds futuristic but the application has invaded all types of industries including construction and architecture.

The use of AI or Artificial Intelligence still requires human intelligence but performs tasks with a higher level of accuracy and efficiency in a quick manner. Because of this, the construction and architecture sectors have decided to fully utilise AI in today’s highly demanding and competitive market.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Building Projects

It is a fact that the construction industry is behind in AI use. But as the tasks require more precision, the need to modernise is obvious and there is no turning back.

The call for smart buildings and smart construction requires smart tools like Artificial Intelligence. It will not only make all levels of work smooth sailing but also keep construction companies, architects, and facility managers keep up with the trend but also prepare for the demands of the future.

Construction and Project Management

Artificial Intelligence serves as a valuable tool in all stages of any construction project, no matter the scale ad size. Tedious and time-consuming tasks like data collection, organising, assigning, and tracking work progress are now eliminated. Project managers can now focus on other tasks as these mundane tasks can now be managed better through AI.

Even the assignment of tasks based on set skills can now be automatically designated and accessed. With AI use and integration, the possibility of errors from manual works is now reduced if not completely eliminated, saving you time and money to focus on other things.

Capture of Precise Site Data

Through the use of AI equipment and 3D laser scanning in the AEC industry, contractors can easily capture detailed three-dimensional scans of the construction site. These data will then be used and fed to a network that tracks the progress of the project. Besides, this capability allows project managers to determine the best approach to take or fix issues before they actually arise and cause complications.

Mapping and Surveying

The use of the AI system is also an integral tool in capturing and producing aerial imagery for large scale mapping and surveying. Drones and Geospatial AI are used in the easy retrieval of Geospatial data.

Shortened Project Timeline

Demolition, excavation, brick layering, laying, curing, and other phases of the construction are the most time consuming most especially if these are all done manually. These days, autonomous construction equipment and machine can now operate and aid in the speedy completion of tasks.

Build design projects can now do tasks with high precision and accuracy which allows skilled workers to focus more on other tasks that need their attention.

Increased Productivity

The recent adaption of Artificial Intelligence has not only helped in project management, but also increased production in construction, architecture, and building projects. Semi-autonomous and autonomous construction machines helped complete easy tasks executing at a high level of precision and efficiency. On site processes and productivity are augmented through AI use.

Onsite Safety

Construction hazards like falling, electrocution, and other onsite issues remain to be the highest contributors to worksite health and safety risks. But with AI, predicting potential hazards is now fulfilled without constant manual monitoring.

Regardless of the project size, the well-being of workers is taken care of through AI and the Internet of Things, through wearable sensors where project managers are alerted when a worker falls, slips, or is in danger.

The result

Even if the construction and architecture industry is behind in the adaption of AI use, it is never too late to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in different levels of applications.

With all the advantages of AI, it is a must for the construction sector to consider AI use. As contractors, engineers, builders, architects, designers, and skilled workers, there is no reason to shy away from the numerous advantages of Artificial Intelligence in project management, execution of plans, improving workflow, and keeping the safety of everyone.

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    Author: Sonia