3D Laser Scanning: Measured Building Surveys and its benefits

Everything you need to know about measured building surveys

How can measured building surveys change your professional life to better? It is essential to expand your knowledge about the significance of 3D laser scanning technology in measured building surveys. Liverpool Measured Survey explains everything you need to know about measured survey services within 3D laser scanning and its advanced technology.

What is measured building survey in 3D laser scanning?

Within the construction industry, you have surveys to complete your specified purpose. That is how architects, local authorities, and structural engineers are able to provide in-depth information about the condition of the site, particularly its topographic information and unique features.

Surveys provide information about the boundaries, contours, land shape, and size. Thus, any proposed construction project can proceed with a clear outlook of the area. At the same time, it can help determine the optimal location for the proposed accesses, buildings, pipelines, and structures to be part of an existing landscape.

How the 3D laser scanner works?

Many industries take advantage of 3D laser scanning technology, including measured survey services. The purpose of using 3D laser scanner is to collect highly accurate measurements. There are indeed a couple of methods used by 3D laser scanners, namely the time of flight and triangulation.

- Time of flight.

Said scanners are able to capture images at the speed of light. The time covered begins when light leaves the scanner, reaches the object, and then returns to the scanner. However, time of flight scanners are not suitable for projects that require highly accurate measurements.

- Triangulation.

These scanners can be used to take 3D measurements by forming triangles from known points and measuring the position of a spot from a beam of light.

Such points are collected by a computer and saved for later use as points are utilised to create models if relational to each other. At this point, it is more accurate than time of flight.

- Point clouds and registration.

On the other hand, multiple scans can be made to create a model because single scans are not enough to make a complete model.

These scans are held as separate data sets for the creation of a 3D model. Thus, the data should go through a process named alignment or registration to be utilised in models.

This is when point cloud data is brought into common reference and merged in order to complete a model. The point cloud can be colourised in order to make it in full colour using the photos taken by the scanner.

At the same time, the rotating mirror of the scanner send laser beams to the surrounding objects to measure the distance and together with rotation angle data captured during movement of the head of the instrument creates complete three-dimensional impression of the surrounding.

The integrated digital camera optionally can take series of pictures which give a colour information to millions of surveyed points, creating photorealistic 3D Point Cloud.

Laser beam reflects off encountered objects, leaving area behind them, not represented on a point cloud. The scanner needs to be moved to the next position which will fill the gap in the point cloud. Most recent and high-quality scanner brands often used by measured survey services include Faro and Leica.

Why is measured building survey better from 3D laser scanning technology?

The development of 3D laser scanning technology can help in providing the best results for measured building survey services. In fact, it can offer some very notable advantages for the clients and the measured survey provider as well. Here are some of the benefits that clients can get from this advanced technology.

  • It offers fast, simple, and complete capturing of the actual condition of buildings
  • It also provides higher accuracy than traditional methods
  • It shows unmatchable complexity of 3D information of the measured objects
  • It helps in the decrease in field time
  • It offers non-invasive method beneficial
  • 3D point cloud which is valuable product on its own plus perfect base for 2D drawings and 3D modelling

A successful measured building survey is not complete without proper planning from start to finish. That is why Liverpool Measured Survey has maximised its capability by employing the latest 3D laser scanning technology to address potential measured survey challenges.

You may contact us if you want to know more about the significance of 3D laser scanning in today’s measured building surveys. Our 3D laser scanning company will provide you with quality measured building survey services, as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM models.


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