The Role of CCTV Drain Surveys

Understanding the Essentials of CCTV Drain Surveys

To enhance proper functioning of your drainage system, a routine inspection exercise is highly recommended. Liverpool Measured Survey provides you with extensive CCTV drain survey service that remotely and safely determines the exact condition of your drainage system. Our surveying method involves capturing video footage of the drainage system, allowing our surveyors to collect precise data without the need to enter potentially hazardous areas. At Liverpool Measured Survey, we rely on a combination of expertise, experience, and high-standard CCTV drain equipment to conduct thorough drainage inspections. This approach ensures exceptional accuracy in assessing the exact condition of the drainage system.

CCTV Drain inspection

What can our CCTV footage showcase?

CCTV footage from drain surveys can showcase various aspects and detect any faults of the drainage system, including:

  • Corrosion, wear and tear
  • Blockages and leaks
  • Cracked and collapsed drains
  • Scale build-up
  • WCS not flushing correctly
  • Displaced joints and poor insulation
  • Animal infestation

What will you receive from our CCTV Drain surveys?

Receive the best services and deliverables from our CCTV drain surveys in Liverpool according to your requirements and specifications:

  • Map of the entire drainage system showcasing the main lines, lateral connections as well as surface water drains
  • Length of pipes
  • Flow rates and flow direction along pipes
  • Location of pipe defects provided with a HD-quality video
  • Visual fault mapping
  • Drainage reports
  • CAD drawings referenced to PAS 128 utility surveys or topographic surveys
  • DVD camera footage
  • Linked GIS databases

What are the steps involved in a CCTV Drain survey?

  • Survey Preparation: Before beginning the survey, the drainage system is evaluated to determine the best approach and access points.
  • Camera Insertion: A specialized CCTV camera is inserted into the drain or sewer pipes using a flexible rod or crawler system.
  • Video Recording: The camera records high-quality footage as it navigates through the pipes, capturing details such as pipe condition, blockages, leaks, and joint integrity.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Surveyors monitor the live video feed, documenting any significant findings or areas of concern.
  • Data Analysis: Recorded footage is reviewed and analyzed to identify defects, blockages, or structural issues within the drainage system.
  • Reporting: A comprehensive report is generated, providing detailed information on the drainage system’s condition, including problems, recommended repairs, and maintenance actions.

What equipment set do we use?

Our surveyors utilise CCTV survey cameras, crawlers, access rods and sonar units to examine the drainage systems.

Liverpool Measured Survey has a professional team of surveyors that employs a combination of the latest drainage survey equipment, such as waterproof push rod cameras for driving through the drainage system, and remote crawlers to gain visual access into the obstructed or damaged pipes.

With the access to the drain, our specialists use the CCTV camera to capture the real-time footage of blockages, cracks, collapsed pipes and more. The footage gives an extensive and accurate information for the preparation of a drain survey report on the extent of the drainage problem. Also, our surveys contain important recommendations as regards to maintenance, repairs, replacement, and restoration.

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