Measured survey and topo survey in Liverpool

Location: Malt Kiln Barn, Liverpool

About project

Our Liverpool measured surveyors completed a 3D laser scanning survey to deliver measured survey drawings and provided a land survey for the 2D topo plan. The architects required copies of detailed as-built 2D drawings to keep for records and ensure they receive accurate measurements for any future renovations.

Deliverables (DWG + PDF)

Delivering a full set of measured drawings with the specified detail:

  • 1:50 Floor Plans
  • 1:50 Elevations (including one longs street elevation)
  • 1:50 Sections – location to be agreed by the client
  • 1:200 2D Topo

When purchasing a new property and planning redevelopment, it is crucial to receive accurate and detailed copies of the measurement, features, dimensions and more to gain a greater understanding of the building project. As-built 2D drawings will be the successful route in achieving accurately detailed measurements due to relying on 3D laser scanning technology to complete the capturing of existing data.

Reliable Results Through Scan-to-CAD

Floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, roof plans, and more will be delivered through the use of advanced 3d laser scanning tools. What is a scan-to-CAD process? A 3D laser scanner captures information and data about the existing object or structure. This data will be registered in a point cloud, ready to import into AutoCAD software, where the production of drawings begins. The point cloud data is used as a reference because it contains reliable and accurate records to produce as-built measured drawings according to your required detail level.

An as built CAD drawing can track the lifecycle of an object or building and record the changes of the building project at any existing point. Even with complex builds and structures, a 3D scanner will collect accurate data efficiently. The level of detail is dependent on the purpose of the survey, project and what results you are looking to achieve. This will target the scale of your drawing and how precise the information is documented.

Providing Topographical Surveys & Land Surveys

The client required a topographical survey, also known as land, to distinguish the key features of the property’s land, natural and artificial. These land features and physical boundary details will include the following:

  • Buildings
  • Vegetations positions
  • Water levels and channels
  • Ground heights, contours and surfaces
  • Area boundary lines

Our surveyors use surveying equipment such as 3D laser scanners, GPS, total stations and drone technology, and this is mainly used for areas with limited access.

A topographical survey is critical to understanding and analysing the plot of land, especially if required for planning permissions and applications. You will obtain high-standard 2D topo plans in DWG or PDF detailing elements such as manholes, boundaries, ground surfaces, walkways, tree positions and established site levels.

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