All you need to know about a boundary survey service

Overview of Boundary Surveying

Boundary survey refers to the form of land survey that utilizes property record research and field research to accurately establish, reestablish or recover the perimeter and property corners of a property. It includes accurately determining the legal limits of a piece of land. Conducting a boundary survey begins by researching the piece of land based on the public records. The process then proceeds into interviews with the owner of the parcel of land as well as the owners of the adjacent parcels of land. The interviews allow the professional land surveyors to find evidence and information on the title deeds, evidence of parole, and unrecorded plats to help determine the analysis of the boundary. The next step is taking field measurements with as high accuracy as possible using monuments present at the property corners. The final step includes comparing the research data and the field data to determine the final boundary location and writing the survey reports.

When does one require a boundary survey?

One requires a boundary survey when:

  • Building on a property: Boundary survey is necessary before construction projects on the parcel of land. It provides evidence of compliance with government ordinances and zoning regulations. A boundary survey also helps settle any active boundary disputes and establish the issues that may prevent one from putting up building structures on the property.
  • Applying for Mortgage: A boundary survey is a requirement by lenders when applying for a mortgage. The survey report is needed as evidence of the size of the parcel of land, which influences the value of the property.
  • Renovating a property: Before making adjustments to a property, a boundary survey is necessary to avoid encroaching on another person’s parcel of land. It also helps uncover any easements that may be outstanding on the property and thus prevents the owner from renovations.

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