As-built drawings and their significance in a construction and architecture.

What are as built drawings in construction and architecture?

As-built drawings depict the building and all its components as they were actually constructed. Construction workers will typically compare the as-built drawings to older drawings and specifications that were made at the beginning of the project. Project managers use the as-built drawings to review any changes made to the specifications during the construction phase of the project. In general, as-built drawings display the location, geometry and measurements of the existing building. The drawings enable you to track and record changes made to the project throughout each stage of construction.

Why are As-built Drawings Important in Construction and Architecture?

  • New construction: Contractors will face many challenges when constructing a new building relying on original documents which are outdated. These as-built plans document the changes as they occur during construction so that an accurate drawing exists when the construction of the building is completed.
  • Maintenance: Small updates and modifications will be made over the life of a building. It is important to update as-built drawings to represent improvements to the structure, ensuring that a correct drawing of the structure is available at all times in the field.
  • Renovation/Remodelling: It is essential to have a deeper understanding of the current state of the building before embarking on a renovation project. Therefore, working with the current drawings is crucial for a safe and effective renovation.
  • As-built 2D drawings are highly beneficial to contractors as they have a detailed record of improvements made during the construction process to visualise the next steps. This now makes it much easier to spot complications caused by the changes and solve them earlier before they escalate into bigger ones.
  • A scan-to-CAD service is an essential part of the final sale as they are very crucial to potential buyers of the land. They are the basis for any possible creation or changes and provide a simple testament to what is being sold and purchased.

Measured Building Survey to As-built Drawings

Liverpool Measured Survey produces detailed and accurate as-built floor plans, cross-sections, and elevations from measured building surveys. We use advanced 3D laser scanning equipment and software to deliver a measured survey, which is an accurate digital representation of the existing buildings and structures. This is translated and delivered in the form of as-built 2D drawings using AutoCAD software. There are various types of as-built drawings, such as floor plans, internal and external elevations, sections, site plans, roof plans, and reflected ceiling plans.

Why Trust a Measured Building Survey to deliver As-built Drawings?

Receive highly accurate and reliable 2D drawings from our measured building survey company in Liverpool in your required format, i.e., PDF or DWG. Our years of experience and expertise enable us provide you with high quality results when completing floor plans, site plans, roof plans, section plans, and internal and external elevations.

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    Author: Sonia