3D BIM Models: Why Are They Required in Construction Today?

3D BIM Models: Why Are They Required in Construction Today?

If you are in construction, it’s impossible to miss one of the biggest trends in the industry today—3D BIM models. This 3D model-based process has enabled engineers, contractors, architects and other construction professionals to plan, design, build and maintain buildings in the most efficient and budget-friendly way possible, all with the help of Liverpool 3D laser scanning services.

Here’s everything you need to know about 3D BIM models and why they’re required in construction today:

What is a 3D BIM model?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of creating an as built 3D BIM model of a structure to enable members of a construction team to analyse, document, plan, coordinate and maintain a building throughout its life cycle.

To come up with the best 3D BIM model, you need to use a 3D laser scanner that takes precise measurements of every single component of a space and render it through a point cloud survey where it becomes a 3D BIM model.

How is BIM used in construction?

3D BIM models are used for designing and documenting construction projects to make sure that every detail is rendered through a 3D point cloud. This will be used for creating a clear visualisation of how a building will look like once construction is finished.

It will also help architects, designers and engineers make the necessary changes through the 3D model before it is executed during the construction process. This helps save time and money through avoiding costly errors that are hard to determine when using traditional methods.

Why is BIM now required?

With the world’s population increasing at unprecedented levels, people in the construction industry have the challenge to create well-utilised spaces and improve existing buildings to fit with the changing times.

3D laser scanning service makes this possible because it allows for a smarter and more cost-efficient way to design and build structures. With 3D BIM models, it’s easier for architects and engineers to determine if a space has all the features needed for style, functionality and safety. This helps mitigate a lot of risks, prevent errors and cut down costs on extra labour and materials when working on a project.

Using an as built 3D BIM model that’s rendered through a point cloud survey also helps with the proper documentation of any changes and improvements that were done from the original plan. This data is useful for maintaining and operating the structure once it’s fully finished.

3D BIM models are now also required for building planning in a lot of locations and by many professionals, which is why the demand for 3D laser scanning services is now very high. It is why Liverpool Measured Survey offers realistic and accurate 3D BIM Model services and continue to assist professionals from all industries with LOD3 and LOD4 BIM Models.

What industries use BIM the most?

3D laser scanning Liverpool practices are utilised in almost every area of the construction industry including:

  • Architecture where a lot of smart design decisions begin with a 3D laser scan that produces the right renderings of a building. This allows for easier planning, designing and building, fostering collaboration and improving performance in construction projects.
  • Structures where project managers and construction firms use 3D BIM models in presenting projects to clients and in helping them ensure project delivery.
  • Civil engineering where everything from skyscrapers to roads are rendered through a 3D point cloud survey that allows for better productivity and profitability while minimising risks and managing workflows efficiently.
  • Construction where members of the construction team can take note of any changes, additions and other details that happen throughout the construction life cycle. This way, it’s easier for a building owner to see exactly what the structure is like when it’s finished and how to manage it properly.
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) that helps with installations, maintenance and repairs since MEP professionals have a detailed piece of information to refer from when managing wirings, connections and plumbing fixtures.

If you’re looking for the best 3D laser scanning Liverpool company that produces the best 3D BIM models, you can always get in touch with our team today.


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