Why 2D AutoCAD Drawings Are Important for Every Building Project

Why 2D AutoCAD Drawings Are Important for Every Building Project

Technological advancements have brought so many positive impacts in every field, including in the fields of engineering, design, architecture, and construction.

The intense work and focus needed to prepare the manual traditional building design have been replaced with computer-aided design or CAD.

With the increasing demand for infrastructure and design, the old-fashioned way will never be able to keep up. Contractors can now improve their overall operations and activities and, at the same time, gain an advantage over their competitors.

Breaking down AutoCAD

AutoCAD is commercial Computer Aided Design software developed by AutoDesk that is used by architects, designers, engineers, and construction professionals to create and edit highly accurate AutoCAD 2D as-built drawings.

Manual drawing and illustration of new buildings, roads, or bridges, is now replaced by AutoCAD. With the use of this software, human errors are now eliminated while drawings are more precise, including measurement and dimension.

Besides, AutoCAD lets users spot design flows and advance analysis and allow the design or parties involved to fix the error before the project’s launch.

Using CAD files, like AutoCAD 2D drawings or 3D drawings, you can check the parts and features to understand the components of the design better. But AutoCAD and 3D have different capabilities and advantages depending on your needs and projects.

What Are the Uses of 2D AutoCAD Drawings?

AutoCAD 2D drawings are still extremely valued today despite the high demands of 3-dimensional services especially in the world of construction and engineering. Some may think that 2D AutoCAD drawings are things of the past but they still exist because of the following:

  • AutoCAD 2D drawings can show intricate details including the mechanical or functional components
  • Everything can be mapped out in the drawing with absolute precision
  • AutoCAD 2D drawings are easier to store and can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • The design is easier to amend whenever design changes are needed
  • You can play around with AutoCAD 2D drawings or experiment with the design before the start of any project
  • Time saving as plans can be done quickly compared to traditional drawings
  • Manual calculations are removed making it error free regardless if you are working on a fresh plan or amending an existing plan
  • The set of plans are almost perfect since the calculation is done by the computer software
  • 2D is less expensive compared to 3D but still delivers accurate and high quality AutoCAD 2D drawings for your projects

Why Utilise 2D AutoCAD Drawings In Your Building Projects?

2D AutoCAD drawings will remain to be an essential part of engineering and construction. At Liverpool Measured Survey, we use 3D laser scanners with the accuracy of +/- 1mm, to produce the utmost detailed as-built 2D plans from our measured building surveys. Explore our company brochure for further rinformaiton on our equipment and services.

So, why does this vital detail prove the significance of as-built 2D AutoCAD plans?

  1. When constructing a building, the electrical circuit schematics required to be in 2D AutoCAD drawings with all the necessary symbols. Electrical engineers would only be interested in 2D representations.
  2. 2D drawings can easily capture design intent while design calculations are laid out beside the sketch.
  3. 2D drawings can be used to communicate designs by utilizing 3D CAD.
  4. Building inspections require having all the components and parts documented with the specifications set, and 2D AutoCAD drawings can facilitate that.
  5. 2D drawings are critical tools during the construction process as contractors based every step of the project on the technical information of the building for construction safety and efficiency.
  6. 2D drawings contain basic building structures like ventilation, electricity, and piping.
  7. AutoCAD drawings are more budget friendly
  8. 2D AutoCAD drawings provide all the technical details about the building for meticulous preparation.

The choice of using 2D AutoCAD drawings entirely depends on your budget, time requirements, and the goals the designers, contractors, engineers, and clients want to achieve.

Besides, BIM and 3D models cannot be created without these 2D AutoCAD drawings. 2D drawings are basically the foundation in construction.

If you need professional assistance in as built 2D drawings, 3D BIM models, or 3D laser scanning services, Liverpool Measured Survey is an expert 3D laser scanning company that will deliver high quality results.


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