Measured Building Surveys &
3D Laser Scanning in Liverpool

  • Measured Building Survey Measured surveys for building and land
  • Point Cloud Providing scanned and register point cloud
  • 2D Planning and CAD Accurate Floor plans, elevations and sections
  • 3D BIM Model 3D Models in required level of detail


Liverpool 3D Laser Scanning Services and Quality Measured Surveys

We are a 3D Laser scanning company in Liverpool, providing exceptional products and services to assist you in completing your building project as efficient as possible. Our range of services and deliverables include superlative Measured Building Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Drone surveys, point cloud, as-built 2D Drawings and 3D BIM models.

Our Work…

Our expert team work hard to provide measured building survey services in Liverpool, using well-known laser scanning technology and software including AutoCAD, Revit and FARO Scene. Request the level of detail of your as-built 2D plans and 3D models, and we will deliver.

What Industries…

There are no limitations regarding the use of 3D Laser scanning services and measured surveys in Liverpool. Full measured building surveys are perfect for those who work within the AEC industry, including architecture, construction, civil engineering, facility management and cultural heritage.

Our Steps…

A measured building survey is provided for any building, no matter the size and scale of the structure. We capture 3D Point Cloud data and import into your chosen software depending on the service requested and agreed on. Our services include as-built 2d drawings and 3D Models.

What Formats…

Our measured survey company in Liverpool are flexible and versatile with the formats we deliver to match your requirements and specification. Agree on the level of detail and provide DWG or PDF as-built drawings as well as 3D Models in RVT.

What defines us?

Liverpool’s finest quality in 3D Laser Scanning and Measured Survey Services

Our surveyors are fast and will capture quality information and existing conditions of the building through a complete and comprehensive measured building survey. Our process is of higher accuracy than traditional methods.

Our 3D Laser scanning company in Liverpool obtains well-known and trustworthy equipment to complete your measured building survey and deliverables. Our FARO S70 laser scanner generates fantastic scan data with a maximum accuracy of +/-1mm.

Liverpool Measured survey guarantee a friendly, professional and reliable service for your hassle-free projects. Our flexible booking system allows immediate query responses and commencing the project as soon as the next day.

Receive a cheap and affordable measured survey, measured survey drawing and 3D BIM Models saving you cost and time from being present on-site and travelling to complete your building project.


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Cases and Studies

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